Here you find a link lists and further information about (Scholarly) publishing on the web.

Annotation Tools
The Open Knowledge Foundation has compiled a useful list of existing annotation tools, stating their use and other useful information like company, website and founding date: click here.

Proprietary vs. Open Source Software
In this list Simon Worthington looks into some proprietary software useful for publishing, and compares it with open source versions (that are at least 3 years old). His conclusion: you can save costs of approx. 39%.

Digital Publishing Services
When doing research for Mute, Simon also created these two very useful lists:
This one is a market comparison focussing on eBook conversions.
And the other one is on Open Business Research and Multiplatforms.

Mapping Open Access Publishers
These days there are a lot of OA publishers – both for books and journals – around, and it is becoming increasingly harder to keep track of all of these. Here you find our Mapping of Open Access Publishers (Version: December 2012).