HybridDocs is a software prototype for transforming analog learning materials into a hybrid format. Based on the pedagogical concept of Sebastian Leitner we developed a tool for restructing the content into data and writing learning cards / flashcards. The Process allows user to import and convert whole books/nanuscipts into datasets and sets of digital flashcards.

The first Prototype is available at hybriddocs.hypub.org. If you want to try the prototype or need more infromation, please send a mail to christian.heise@leuphana.de. The Software is open source (CC-BY-SA) and the Code is available here.

Update: HybridDocs has become LearnThis.de. LearnThis is a further development of HybridDocs. It allows people to easily create Flashcards in a responsive enviroment. You find the Projectpage here and the open sourcecode here.