Elsevier has released a statement on charging for open access papers. In the article they address the unnecessary payments that customers have had to make in the past and respond to allegations by building a new open access platform which will be available from summer 2014.

Neil Selwyn of Monash University in Melbourne has posted an essay on how the internet has changed education. He describes the internet as an educational tool and discusses how we should understand the potential gains and losses of what is being advanced when using it as such.

There has been a ChatLiteracy discussion on “navigating the complexities of open access” going on since Monday. It will continue with sessions exploring different experiences with open access today and tomorrow from 12.00 to 14.00 (GMT). Join in here.

Michelle Sidler has written a paper on how the Open Science movement has been successful in transforming disciplines traditionally associated with science. She connects the ‘three cultures’ of science with each other and demands open knowledge platforms that serve to include academic disciplines into these cultures that do not self-identify as science. Read all about it here.

The University of Waikato has become the first university in New Zealand to approve a mandate around open access to academics’ publications. Under the guidelines, academic staff can disseminate their research as widely as possible, bringing research results out from behind the subscription paywall to be accessed by all. Here are all the details.

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