This weeks hot topics in Open Access: What are the problems with peer review, open knowledge and open access, and can they be overcome?

Marjatta Sikström features two articles on peer review. The first by Richard Price, founder of critiques the small number of researchers per article that actually perform peer review. The second article has Randy Schekman calling out academic journals for “distorting the scientific process”. Sikström shortly discusses both articles and quotes further reading material here.

In the article Why I Don’t Care About Open Access to Research – and Why You Should Michael White discusses whether there are actual benefits to the scientific community in making work freely available and asks the question who open access really is for.

Lastly, Casey Brianza takes a critical look on what it means to publish open access, when all it actually generates is more costs for the public. In the article, she does not critique the praxis itself, but asks whether open access is actually successful at what it was set out to do. Follow up on her arguments here.

Sara Morais


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