Within the scope of this year’s annual conference of the German Society for Media Studies (GfM), which will take place on October 3-5 in Lüneburg, the Hybrid Publishing Lab hosts a workshop called “Open Up! The Politics and Pragmatics of Open Access”. The workshop is composed of four short presentations by international experts as well as members of the HPL and will go into recent discourses of Open Access.


Marcus Burkhardt and Christian Heise (Lüneburg) will break the first ground by asking: “Open Access, Open Research, Open Science, Open what?” By discussing the ‘Open Definition’ proposed by the Open Knowledge Foundation, they will outline some of the most controversial issues in the current struggle for openness.

In their presentation “Work – Content – Data: On the Politics of Open Access Business Models”, Armin Beverungen and Helge Peters (Lüneburg) will argue that publishers translate open access into different business models, which bring with it their own politics. They will point out, why independent publishers can experiment more openly with open access, new media and formats as mainstream publishing houses.

With the aid of a selection of case studies of what can be seen as experiments in radical Open Access, Janneke Adema’s (Coventry) presentation “Open up Possibilities for Critique” will explore in what sense openness can form the basis for a critique of our established practices of scholarly communication and more in particular of the political economy surrounding scholarly book publishing.

Last but not least, Nishant Shah (Bangalore/Lüneburg) will propose that if we take Big Data seriously, we need to make a move “From Information Society to Data Society”. What does this entail? What does it mean to be alive in the time of big data? And what is the value of openness that we are now talking about? These questions will be exemplified by means of a small case study of the Indian land record digitalization project ‘Bhoomi’.

The workshop is also open to short example-oriented presentations of participants who want to engage in the discussion. Please email us beforehand at hybridpublishing@inkubator.leuphana.de.

Date: October 5, 2013, 5-7 p.m.

Location: Campus Scharnhorststraße, C HS 5

For more information on the whole event please visit the conference website.

Andreas Kirchner


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