Kuda book archiveThe Hybrid Publishing Consortium is taking part in a two day workshop on publishing from archives ‘Archive/Live Archive/UnArchive & Public Library workshop’, Novi Sad – Serbia, as part the programme called Art and Aesthetics Education Expanded.

Hybrid Publishing Consortium is taking part in the workshop to examine the publishing workflow of the digital scholar so that we can understand how single source can fit into these workflows. The result of the workshop for the Hybrid Publishing Consortium will come out of the workshop with a number of documented workflows that we will then use on our single source software design.

Single source publishing workflows are ones that look to make multi-platform publishing, easier, more sane and lower in cost. Currently a larger publishing will either use a professional out of house service to convert a book into eBook, app, POD and XML feed. Or they will have an expensive in-house conversion systems. The rest of us will use an assemblage of desktop tools and some hand cranked workflow for multi-format conversion.

Neither of these routes can be said to be easy, sane or low cost. This is where Single Source comes into the equation. The idea is to have one file that is then used to generate all the formats a publisher requires. For example – eBook, Print-on-demand, apps, tablet, API etc. In single source, if you need to make an update to the publication, it is then revisioned and distributed to all the output formats.

How a digital scholar re-publishes from archives, repositories and libraries is the second user group we study, with the first being publishers. In a cyclical way we see the digital scholar as being one of many points of publishing, especially in the age of Open Access, when re-use is encouraged.

With the publisher user group the digital tool workflow is more standardised than the digital scholar. The publisher will use a wordprocessor, to layout and conversion. The digital scholar is another story with their horizon continually opening with web and cloud based tools.

You can follow the workshop reporting on our Twitter stream @HyPub and we’ll return with some workflow report findings pretty soon.

Aesthetic Education Expanded, a collaborative project by Berliner Gazette, Kontrapunkt, kuda.org, Mama Multimedia Institute and Mute and is supported by the programme Culture 2007-2013 of the European Commission.

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