Trailer – Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives.

There are tons of books about how to use social media for media marketing. By contrast, the critical perspective on social networks lacks a bit behind. This brick of a book published today by the Institute of Network Cultures is a statement to change this.

In ‘The Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies And Their Alternatives” you find 43 contributions from people like the philosopher Bernhard Stiegler and D.E. Wittkower, the Digital Humanities theorist David M. Berry, the W3C fellow Harry Halpin, or the media theorist Geert Lovink and Corinna Patelis, who both started this important conference series, of course.
This is, what it is about:

“The Unlike Us Reader offers a critical examination of social media, bringing together theoretical essays, personal discussions, and artistic manifestos. How can we understand the social media we use everyday, or consciously choose not to use? We know very well that monopolies control social media, but what are the alternatives?
While Facebook continues to increase its user population and combines loose privacy restrictions with control over data, many researchers, programmers, and activists turn towards designing a decentralized future. Through understanding the big networks from within, be it by philosophy or art, new perspectives emerge.”

By the way, the Hybrid Publishing Lab has several contributions in there.

  • Yuk Hui and Harry Halpin: Collective Individuation – The Future of the Web
  • Martin Warnke: Databasis as Citadels in the Web2.0
  • Mercedes Bunz: As you like it – Critique in the Era of an Affirmative Discourse.

Please get your copy here, and decide yourself if this is unlike you.
Oh, and come by the next conference in March!

Mercedes Bunz


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