billboard in full size

billboard in full size

“In version three of his Billboard book series, British artist Jonathan Monk sets out with British designers OK-RM to design, well, a very British-looking publication. All the more so because conventions of paper-folding and book-binding (adapted through an ingenious scheme of the designers), have been itemized — with the measurement “Royal” as a guide. […] And the result is…Italian? In the wink of an eye, the great bookmakers of fifteenth century Venice call out to us, as OK-RM have chosen to turn individual versions of the billboard into books of diminishing shapes so that each billboard is offered in ever smaller classic book form. If you stack all the books on top of each other, in a kind of Origami way, the thing that emerges is nothing so much as a Fibonacci rhythm.”

billboard broken down into 5 smaller sizes

billboard broken down into 5 smaller sizes

Published Autumn 2012
Edition of 5 copies per format
with 3 artist’s proofs (for each format)
and 3 copies hors commerce
All copies are numbered and signed by the artist.

Each book is accompanied by the twenty royal sheets which compose the billboard.

Book description:
Concept: Jonathan MonkDesign: OK-RMColophon photograph: Daniel AlexanderFormats:508 × 317 mm – 80 pages317 × 254 mm – 160 pages254 × 158 mm – 320 pages158 × 127 mm – 640 pages127 × 79 mm – 1280 pages

Printing: Cassachrome, Belgium Formats:
508 × 317 mm – 20 x 12.5 in. 80 pages
317 × 254 mm – 12.5 x 10 in. 160 pages
254 × 158 mm – 10 x 6.2 in. 320 pages
158 × 127 mm – 6.2 x 5 in. 640 pages
127 × 79 mm – 5 x 3.1 in. 1280 pages

Printing: Cassochrome, Belgium
Photography: Daniel Alexander

Christina Kral


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